Logging into the MT4 App

Shivalay Kara
Jan 18, 2022

For both Demo and Live accounts, here’s how to view your account on your phone.

MetaTrader 4

MT4 is a global trading platform that gives you access to most brokerage accounts. Consider it like a universal banking app that works with all major banks.

Download the MT4 app

Instructions for Android (Left) — Instructions for Apple (Right)

Finding Settings

Android: Click on the MT4 icon — Apple: Click on Settings

Managing Account

Android: Click on Manage Accounts — Apple: Click on New Account
Android: Click on the Add button — Apple: Next Step
Both: Login to an EXISTING account (you should have already created an account)
Search the Trading Server name, this will be in the email from the broker
Type in your account number and password

Notification Setting

In order to get phone notifications, you need to provide your MetaQuoteID found in the settings. This is completely optional and is only for those who want it.

Android: Within Setting —Apple: Go to Settings →“Chat and Messages”



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